Kathryn Lawrence

Born and raised in a catholic family, I attending church with them faithfully. I graduated from a catholic college with a Bachelor’s degree.

Married in 1982, that same year my husband rededicated his life to the Lord.  A friend told us about a Baptist church that was forming in our town, which later became Harmony Baptist Church (HBC).  We began attending Sunday school there, and then went to the Catholic Church for mass.  In the following months God revealed to me that the Catholic Church was not teaching His word, but the traditions of The Church.  I was hurt and disillusioned by this and did not want to go back.  Shortly thereafter the Pastor came for a visit, and I made the decision to accept Christ as my savior. We were members of HBC for 29 years. I enjoyed singing in the choir, youth leader with my husband (14 years), VBS and Jr. Church programs and was church clerk (24 years).  we have five adult children, three are married and we have three grandchildren.  Our youngest two children are finishing higher education.  I enjoyed being a stay at home mom. In 2005 my husband enrolled in seminary to prepare for ministry. After six years of distance learning we moved to Connecticut to pursue his education fulltime. We are candidates to receive a Masters of Divinity in May 2014.

In July of 2013 we made a survey trip to the Mormon-dominated region of Southern Utah  Northern Arizona.  God has opened a place for us to serve Him there and we are excited to follow His direction.